MCP, a commercial group of comparable MPP geared vessels, was formed in Cyprus July 2005 by a number of partners, pooling together a series of 618TEU vessels.
The uniqueness of MCP is the availability of 16 similar sister ships traded by one operator which are suitable for project, container and bulk cargoes, able to serve both feeder and intercontinental trades.
The first vessel in this project was delivered to the pool in 2007 and the last joined in 2010 giving the MCP fleet a very strong competitive advantage, with the average age of our vessels being just 9.4 years.
All ships are technically managed by highly skilled and qualified professionals working for well positioned management companies guaranteeing a consistently high level of performance. Commercially, the pool is managed from Singapore by a well qualified staff dedicated to responding to the requirements of the trade.





We have the great honour to announce, that on September the 30th 2011 MCP KOPENHAGEN was successfully delivered by Rongcheng Shipbuilding Co. in China after fitting of McGregor Cranes.

She is the thirteenth of the gearless MCP vessels to have completed the conversion into a fully operational geared vessel.

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